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Learn to read your own Tarot cards.

Tarot is enjoying a Renaissance that has never been seen since, um, well, maybe the actual Renaissance!

Wildly popular because — It. Just. Works.

So, how would you like to have this centuries-old Wisdom for modern times at your fingertips — lightning fast — anytime, anywhere? What if you could have a clear, inspiring, and fantastically accurate way to connect to your highest, most trustworthy guidance?

You can!

And with these fun, hands-on classes, you will!


Part One – Planting the Seed: An Introduction to the Tarot

August 13, 2017
1-6pm, $60
Dancing Moon Books and Gifts, Raleigh, NC

Here’s what we’ll discuss (and what you need to know, in order to take Part Two):

  • lots of myth-busting about the Tarot, including what it is and where it came from.
  • the differences between Tarot and other intuitive arts.
  • what Tarot is (and is not!).
  • how to choose and care for your deck.
  • techniques for tapping into your intuition.
  • the essential components of the Tarot, including the elemental energies of the Suits, the Court cards, and the Major and Minor Arcana.

With a firm foundation and personal guidance, you can be sure you are developing superior skills that will bring you years of enjoyment.  No experience is necessary, but if you have a deck, by all means, bring it. If you don’t no worries! We will take a “field trip” into the store to help you (no purchase necessary).

This class is preparation for Part 2, which will be September 23, 2017.

Before you enroll, you should know:

  • Curious about the Tarot? Perfect! This class is an overview of the Tarot for brand new folks.  But if you have some experience and want to be more confident that you have a full, solid understanding, don’t hesitate to join us! I promise you will not be bored, and I can answer the questions you might have, including helping you find a deck that speaks more clearly to you, if you wish.
  • If you preregister for BOTH my Wisdom Journey (Tarot Without Tears, Part 2) class AND this one, you will receive a $10 rebate at the September class.
  • Seating is limited – only 19 spots are available, and payment in advance is requested. If there are any vacancies after pre-registration has closed, last minute enrollment will be accepted at the store, but the fee will go up to $75.
  • If the class fills up, there will be an automatic waiting list. You will be invited to fill any possible vacancies in the order you registered, so you might hold the date, even if you don’t get in right away. You will have a couple of hours to respond, before the opening is passed to the next person in line.
  • Life happens, and things do come up. I understand. So if you cancel up to 10 days before our class (no later than Aug. 3), I will return your registration minus a $10 administrative fee. After that, I cannot refund your payment. Thanks for your understanding.

Last but not least, it’s been over a year since I offered these classes, and I am not sure when I will be able to offer them again.

Don’t miss out. This is your chance to learn the Tarot, confident you are getting hands-on, expert guidance with one of our area’s most trusted, respected teachers and practitioners.

Eventbrite - Tarot Without Tears, Part 1: Planting the Seed

This class is not required to take Part Two (keep reading!), but you must be comfortable with the components of the Tarot deck and the elements associated with each suit. REMEMBER: Pre-register for BOTH and get a $10 rebate at the September class!

Tarot Circle

Part Two – The Wisdom Journey: Read the Tarot for Yourself

Saturday, September 23
Dancing Moon Books and Gifts, Raleigh, NC

Once you have had a little practice and are at ease with the fundamentals of Tarot, the big question is, how do the cards interact with each other in a reading? How do you make Tarot work for you?

We’ll answer that and much more!  In this full day of Tarot adventure, you’ll move beyond the basics, and will be working with the Tarot as a tool for accessing your deep wisdom.

No prior experience is required, however, you must already be familiar with the fundamental basics (ex: what are the origins of the Tarot and how is it special, definition of suits, understanding the concepts behind the Major and Minor Arcana, etc.).

This is where we put together our “ABCs” of the Tarot and learn to read for ourselves.

By the end of our day together —

You’ll be able to read your cardsWith confidence; and without being dependent on the books Without lots of tedious memorization. Specifically, you’ll be

  • Seeing how to combine individual cards together to make a reading.
  • Learning Your Tarot Soul and Personality Profile.
  • Experiencing the Major Arcana cards in very personal, helpful ways.
  • Developing your intuitive skills.
  • Discovering how interpretation of a card is affected by the placement of the other cards nearby.
  • Developing clear questions and simple, powerful spreads.
  • Giving and receiving lots of fun, illuminating practice readings in pairs and teams, all under my expert guidance.

The Wisdom Journey will be held at Dancing Moon Books in Raleigh, where I am an endorsed, featured instructor. Bring your lunch, or else takeout is available from nearby eateries.

Preregistration is required and seating is limited, so that I can give you lots of personal attention. Go here for more info:

Eventbrite - Tarot Without Tears, Part 2: The Wisdom Journey

ps: These classes are REQUIRED for my more advanced workshops, like Reading for Others and Going Pro. And they qualify you to join my Tarot Boutique classes.

pps: Fair warning: It is uncertain as to when I will be able to offer these again.

Don’t miss out. Learn to read the Tarot with me and know you are getting the best experience and personal attention money can buy.

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Here’s what previous class participants have said:

  • “Never quite got in tight with the Tarot? Lacking confidence in your skills? Fear no more. Beth will help you find your inner Tarot Diva! She got me over a lifelong disability of suffering from Tarot Intimidation. Cured me. I love it now! So just head to her page and give it a look. I am a fan, you could be too.”
  • “Beth is THE best instructor ever…this is the place to learn… Oh and it’s lot of fun too…. Beth ranks up there as one of the most amazing women who has come into my life.  So, if you’ve ever been interested in the Tarot, please go to Beth and learn from her…”
  • “Definitely exceeded my expectations!”
  • “Really helped me form a relationship with the cards.”
  • “Fantastic, fun, and a super bargain!”
  • “On a scale of 1 to 10, I give you a 15!”
  • “I enjoyed every minute, and only wished it didn’t have to end!”
  • “Great exercises for practical exposure and understanding.”
  • “I loved the intuitive practice and teaming up with others for readings.”

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