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Tarot Without Tears

Part One – Sunday, March 22
Part Two – Saturday, May 2

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The Tarot Boutique

Tarot Boutique

Registration Is Now Open!

  • Have you been working with the Tarot a while and now you long to move beyond the introductory level?
  • Have you found that there are Tarot topics that intrigue, excite, and sometimes confuse you?
  • Do you wish you could have a more personalized, dynamic experience, exploring more advanced ways that Tarot can work for you?
  • Would you love to spend an afternoon each month in a peaceful, magical space, with other committed, energized Tarot aficionados?

Come to the Tarot Boutique!

bou·tique (bo͞oˈtēk), noun.
1. A small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories.
2. A business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele.
3. Unique, exclusive workshops for the discerning Tarot connoisseur.

That’s you!

I am once again offering my intimate, tailor-made workshops for people who want to expand their understanding. These workshops focus on Tarot and related material offered in exclusive, specialty morsels that stand alone, or can combine to help your practice sparkle with new depth and brilliance. Each includes all handouts, light refreshments, and plenty of hands-on experience.

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Tarot’s Wordless Language

Event ended over

January 31, 2015
1pm – 5pm – Laurel Hill Cottage, Durham, NC

Thanks to everyone for a fabulous time!

I so appreciate your own insights and wisdom, as well as your very helpful feedback. Can’t wait to follow-up with a more in-depth workshop.



Develop Your Intuition

Part One – Sunday, Feb. 15 Completed
Part Two Followup – Saturday, Feb. 28 Saturday, March 28: Snow Make-up Day

Are you ready to claim your intuitive power? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to actually train it, discovering and developing the talent you already have? (Yes, you do!).

Haven’t you longed to learn how your intuition functions, how it can help you, guide you and protect you? What if you were to discover that, not only can it save you from going under in the most tense and challenging times, it makes life much more meaningful. And … it’s FUN!

Although this is being offered via my “Tarot Boutique,” this class is not for Tarot people only! Of course, if you are already exploring the Tarot, or any other intuitive arts, you will get a lot out of this, and you are most welcome.

But I want to also invite non-esoteric people who are longing to understand more about non-ordinary knowing. Don’t be shy — no previous training necessary. Come as you are!

This workshop is in two parts, which the modestly higher tuition covers. In our first session, we’ll discuss techniques for accessing and expanding the gifts you already have. Then in the next week’s gathering, you’ll have a chance to share your “homework” assignments, fine-tune your abilities, and cultivate your new skills for the future.

Sold out2Sorry, all seats are filled, but I already have four people who would like to take it. If you are interested, email me, and I’ll offer it again SOON!

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More About the Tarot Boutique:

  • My Introduction to Developing your Intuition does not require any background knowledge; just an open mind.
  • Seating is very limited – only 7 spots are available in each, and payment in advance is required.
  • Life happens, and things do come up. I understand. So if you cancel your registration up to 15 days before the program begins, I will return your registration minus a $10 administrative fee. If you cancel 14 days or less, prior to the start of the program, your tuition is non-refundable.
  • PLEASE don’t wait till the last minute before you register. Not only is space very limited, but the enrollment period ends two days before each class.
  • If the classes fill up, there will be a waiting list. You will be invited to fill any possible vacancies in the order you registered, so you might hold the date, even if you don’t get in right away. You will have a couple of hours to respond, before the opening is passed to the next person in line.

For the Tarot-related workshops:

  • The Tarot classes are generally not at the introductory, brand-new beginner level. Unless stated otherwise, participants should have a good working knowledge of the Tarot and at least 3-6 months of fairly regular personal practice. A good rule of thumb is that if you are comfortable reading a 3-card spread (for yourself) without the help of a book, you should be fine.
  • Bring your journal and your favorite deck(s), and enjoy an afternoon of discussion and discovery.

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 Here’s what previous workshop participants have said:

  • “Beth is THE best instructor ever…this is the place to learn… Oh and it’s lot of fun too…. Beth ranks up there as one of the most amazing women who has come into my life… So, if you’ve ever been interested in the Tarot, please go to Beth and learn from her…”
  • “Definitely exceeded my expectations!”
  • “Really helped me form a relationship with the Tarot cards.”
  • “Fantastic, fun, and a super bargain!”
  • “On a scale of 1 to 10, I give you a 15!”
  • “I enjoyed every minute, and only wished it didn’t have to end!”
  • “Great exercises for practical exposure and understanding.”
  • “I loved the intuitive practice and teaming up with others for readings.”
  • “Thank you for a beautiful afternoon. Your workshops always leave me feeling confident and with a renewed connection to Spirit!”
  • “So thankful for you sharing your gift with me and others, who want to set higher standards and use only healthy methods for serving and helping.”
  • “The tools given by you were very clearly described and the discussions you encouraged helped anchor these tools in our experience…You’re informal, yet so well informed and able to teach complex processes so well. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!”