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Give Thanks and Praises! A Blessed Mabon and Equinox to You!

Mabon2 - artist unknown to me

Today we celebrate the second harvest, the midpoint of the harvest season. We in the north gather in the remaining bounty of summer, and give thanks. Blessed be. Continue Reading

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Wordless Wednesday: The Selkie Folk Say Hello

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Our ancestors knew that the oceans were haunted with the magic of the Selkie folk - wild seals that would shape-shift to human. Could this be one? Continue Reading

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Tarot Card of Equinox and the Week of Sept. 19-25, 2016: The Lovers


This week of the Equinox threshold, we are called to open our true, passionate hearts, and connect to one another, for we are held in grace by Love. Continue Reading

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Dance and Give Thanks Under the Harvest Moon Tonight

Harvest Moon Dancing

Tonight's Harvest Moon, offers a gentle balance between the pragmatic Virgo Sun, and the dreamy, sensitive Pisces Moon. For more magical tips, stop by. Continue Reading

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Wordless Wednesday: September Solar Eclipse Opened the Door


On Sept. 1, the New Moon ushered in a pair of eclipses, starting with this annular solar eclipse. This week's Lunar eclipse is the second of the pair. Continue Reading

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Tarot Card of the Week, Sept. 12-18, 2016: Eight of Wands


By the light of the eclipsing Harvest Moon, what Arrows of Love will you launch? Commit to your most cherished targets, and fire! Magic is in the air! Continue Reading

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