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You don’t need to do everything. Do what calls your heart; effective action comes from love. It is unstoppable, and it is enough.
– Joanna Macy

Tarot Card of the Week, Nov. 14-20, 2016: Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

We are called to shed the old self, old stories, and old patterns in order to embrace the current potential for transformation. Now is the time. Continue Reading

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Sunday Inspiration: Today I Rise

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"The most radical thing any of us can do at this time is to be fully present to what is happening in the world." - Joanna Macy..So rise up with me, sisters. Continue Reading

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Tarot Card of the U.S. Election Week, Nov. 7-13, 2016: Ten of Swords


Something big is ending, including, for better or worse, the excruciating U.S. election. The final curtain drops, the pain is over, a new day comes. Continue Reading

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A Mystical Visitor for the Week of Samhain: Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2016: The Hermit

The Hemit

Your sacred gifts are like no one's before you, or that will ever be again. Light your lantern and shine with the peace and clarity we so surely need. Continue Reading

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Tarot Card of the Week, Oct. 24-30, 2016: The Two of Wands Returns

Two of Wands

With this week's New Moon, there is an important choice ahead. Take your time and consider carefully, for you have great power at your fingertips. Continue Reading

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Happy Solar Return, You Passionate, Powerful Scorpios!

Scorpio Framed

Happy Birthday, you sexy, intense Scorpios! And for the rest of us, Scorpio time is a period of extremes, profound changes, and preparing for Winter. Continue Reading

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