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Tarot Card of the Week, Sept. 26 – Oct. 2, 2016: Two of Wands

Two of Wands

The only question in life is whether or not you are going to answer a hearty ‘YES!’ to your adventure.  Joseph Campbell

In this week that kicks off with planet of transformation and destruction Pluto stationing direct after its long retrograde (since April 18th), and which will also feature a 2nd New Moon in one month, often referred to as a Black Moon, we are visited by the Two of Wands.

Twos portray choices, duality, this and/or that. And Wands are associated with the element of Fire, depicting action, energy, creativity, change, passion, and power.

As we can see, the wealthy merchant holds a globe in one hand. In his other hand, he holds a second wand, which rests on a parapet decorated with white lilies and red roses – a motif we see prominently highlighted in a number of Tarot cards, including the Hierophant, the Magician, and the Ace of Pentacles.

These flowers represent the intertwining of passion and purity in the human experience. Both are necessary for humans to fulfill their highest potential.

The second wand behind him is secured to the castle wall. He has turned his back on this, and gazes out across the water.

This is about as pensive and introspective as the action-oriented Wands get!

I always imagine that the two wands create a sort of doorway, or a magical threshold. But how can he move through it, from within his castle walls and at this height?

The globe in his hand shows the Old World continents, not the New.  And is it merely a coincidence of perspective that he appears to stand on only one leg?

The deck’s author, Arthur Waite, writes that this card echoes, “the sadness of Alexander amidst the grandeur of this world’s wealth.”

Tarot expert Rachel Pollack explains that according to legend, Alexander the Great wept when he had succeeded in his final conquests, because he could not imagine there was anything else for him to do. Then, not long afterwards, he died.

Can the successful warrior (or campaigning politician) learn to transition to the actual administration of government, or will s/he continue to hunger for battle? Will the leader be satisfied as the manager? Can an explorer/innovator/pioneer settle down to the day to day grind? Or will they forever long for faraway adventures?

How many times have we come to the end of an important challenge, only to feel somewhat let down?  Do we, too, long for new escapades?

Once we have won the day, fought for our achievement, and hit the pinnacle of success, it may become our full-time job to then tend and sustain it.

Will you remain within the sheltered safety of your walls? Or will you dare climb down from the heights you have achieved, ready to risk it all and begin anew?

New Energy and Possibilities

As you are certainly aware, the planet Mercury finally stationed direct last week on the Autumn Equinox, beginning to untangle the communication, travel, and technical glitches that so often accompany its retrogrades.

And with a New Moon this week, we have a chance to harness the new season’s energy to set our intentions for the darkening time of the year that lies ahead.

Compounding that, as astrologer Ralfee Finn writes of this week’s influence, “Pluto goes direct at 8:02 AM PDT, September 26, and its forward motion makes Mercury’s winged sandals fly forward even faster than they usually do—and with greater skill.

“Be prepared for the pace of certain projects to resemble jet propulsion. But before you start dancing in the street, be aware of that old adage, ‘Haste makes waste.’

“Yes, regular routines are gathering strength and computers once again makes sense, but it would still be wise to think before you leap, rather than be swept away by this forward-motion astral tour de force.”

How appropriate then that the Two of Wands suggests we prepare to act, but take careful measure before leaping into the fire.

Open The Door To Yes

How will you wave your wands of manifestation and magic?

This is an ideal moment for gazing out upon your own world and making some plans.

Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin writes that research verifies that September really is “the other January,” and a most favorable time for fresh new beginnings.

With the help of the New Moon, and the thoughtful magic of the Two of Wands, what goals might you be setting? What oath of power, magic, and transformation might you consider making for a year and a day?

There is a choice before you. Take your time and consider carefully, knowing you have enormous power at your fingertips.

Then dare to move forward into your most passionate calling.

Say YES to the adventure that calls you, even if you must forsake the security you once worked so hard to achieve.

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