Ace of Pentacles

The old economy of greed and dominion is dying. A new economy of life and partnership is struggling to be born. The outcome is ours to choose.
~ David Korten, author and visionary

Well now, dear readers! This is one for the record books.

The last time the Ace of Pentacles came to visit, it was another week of the New Moon and, rare enough itself, it followed an equally uncommon visit from the Ace of Cups.

Just like now. Only this is the New Moon of Libra, not Pisces.

So welcome to the second week of a double-whammy of fresh, new beginnings!

This is bound to resonate more obviously with our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, who are feeling the joyful Spring stirrings of Beltane approaching. Instead, we that live in the northern lands are now deep in beautiful Autumn, and on the edge of Samhain’s final harvest celebration.

The Ace of Pentacles represents the power of the Earth, since the Pentacle is a magical tool that is ruled by the element of Earth and North.

The Disc or Pentacle may represent a sacred shield, a coin, or even a scrying mirror of destiny. But its power is to manifest into physical reality that which your imagination (Air), desire (Fire), or heart (Water) long for.

As with all Aces of the Tarot, this card holds the full potential of its suit. Each Ace shows the hand of the Divine emerging from a cloud and offering a gift.

This Ace is being given from within a garden, that numinous place where the will of Nature and humanity work in harmony. It is also the place from which some of the major religions, sadly, believe we have been exiled.

Who, we might ask, really banished us? Is that story really the will, and humanity’s eternal legacy, of the God(s)?

Might it be possible that mythic rejection was never true and that we have been welcome at the banquet of Divine plenty all along?

Could it be that we have exiled ourselves from the Garden, by the choices we keep making?

What is Authentic Prosperity?

What if we choose a new kind of way to live on our Mother Earth? What if we build a new economy, based on cooperation, collaboration, and sharing our resources in ways that honor each other, and life itself?

What feels like authentic prosperity for you? Is it really the numbers games we watch while the too-big-to-fail money handlers gamble our livelihoods in their closed gambling circles?

The shadowy wheeling and dealing of the unnamed elite, by whose whim, in the blink of an eye, thousands may be unemployed, unhoused, or bankrupted?

Food that is drenched with secret, deadly chemicals or artificially created in a laboratory? Cheap, disposable goods made by children in wretched conditions? More and more gadgets and mindless entertainments that detach us from our own humanity?

Perhaps true prosperity is much simpler: having plentiful, healthy food on your table, clean water pouring from your faucet, and peace in your neighborhood.

The Ace of Pentacles promises these hopeful possibilities for our personal prosperity, abundance, health, security, and groundedness.

The Libra New Moon’s Gift of Balance

It has unfailingly been the case in my life that when I am most fearful about my money, charitable giving and loving sharing bring me back into emotional balance. Such acts always seem to have a powerful effect of opening up access to new abundance for me.

So for the many people who are struggling in these times of economic uncertainty, there is tremendous hope in this card. Rather than a stingy, fear-focused response to financial troubles, the better, more long-term solution is almost certainly to adopt a policy of support and generosity.

Alone and disconnected, greed prevails because there is never enough. But the Ace promises the vast support of the entire suit. Thus, when we share, our wealth is unsurpassed.

This Libra New Moon time is ideal for initiating new systems of equilibrium in our lives.

Astrologer (and birthday girl TODAY!) Lynn Hayes writes, “The New Moon in Libra on October 12th-13th invites us to find our own peaceful center within where true equanimity will aid us in rebalancing those areas of our life which are under stress or out of whack.

Libra is the sign of balance, symbolized by the scales of justice. Under the influence of Libra we may find ourselves swinging from one extreme to another as we attempt to achieve a neutral point that will take us back to the equilibrium that comes from being truly in balance with our own emotions and drives.”

Diotima Mantineia adds that another influence is also currently unfolding, directly impacting our resources and money. “The flowing trine between Mars and Jupiter to Pluto in Capricorn,” she writes, “is a marketing aspect par excellence, so it will be interesting to see what people are selling, and how they are selling it.

“Particularly with the opposition to Neptune involved, deceit may be exposed, or scandals flare up.”

Pay attention.

New Beginnings in the Material World

This week, there is a potential for a new start, one that has, in its very structure, the elements for a successful outcome. Could there be a promotion, new job, or inheritance coming for you?

Is it time to begin a new, happier relationship with money? Are you considering buying a new home, or upgrading your current dwelling?

Now that Mercury retrograde is over, prospects are much more favorable for signing contracts, starting new projects, and (with the blessing of Aphrodite, ruler of Libra) making purchases for beautification and pleasure.

This is a time to re-discover the wonders of your physical body. Perhaps you might get a massage, begin a new workout regimen, or learn to prepare new kinds of nurturing foods. This is also an invitation for exploring new sensual delights.

In what ways might you make way for a new level of comfort, beauty, and security to your life?

This Ace is a bit conservative, and it does not give you a green light for wild risk-taking, overspending, or flights of fantasy. But if your activities are grounded, practical, and steady, very good things are likely.

Build a strong foundation and plant your New Moon seeds for what nurtures you. By doing so, you can expect fruitful results in the days to come.

Ground yourself in work that you love, in the body that brings you pleasure, and align yourself with the beautiful gifts of Earth Herself.

This week, the hand of providence offers you new opportunity to celebrate the fact that Paradise was not lost. It is here, now. It is up to us to create economies and systems that honor and preserve it.

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Sweet October

by Beth on October 11, 2015

Autumn leaves

This year, I have come staggering and stumbling into October.

Usually, I am bursting with joy, swirling into this rich, magical time that I adore.

But there’s been the shocking, sudden death of a beloved friend, eight years younger than me… several work disappointments that I was not expecting… Hard and harder world news reports every day…

And yet.

October arrives, just the same.

Regardless of my own struggles, or the busy, dark machinations of humanity, here she is.

There is a portentous hickory branch hanging over the driveway that overnight went from generic green to brilliant chartreuse. Hails of acorns as big as a lumberjack’s thumb tip bomb our house, startling the cats and leaving our cars dimpled and haggard.

I am finally able to catch my breath, look up, and see.

The hummingbirds have gone. The late afternoon sunlight slants low across the polished golden oak desktop my father built many years ago, dazzling me in that once-a-year only way. Now damp winds call to me, to wander through the rumpus of crackling leaves.

The Wheel turns, life rolls on. I will not miss it.
Blessed, blessed be.

The Love of October

by W. S. Merwin

A child looking at ruins grows younger
but cold
and wants to wake to a new name
I have been younger in October
than in all the months of spring
walnut and may leaves the color
of shoulders at the end of summer
a month that has been to the mountain
and become light there
the long grass lies pointing uphill
even in death for a reason
that none of us knows
and the wren laughs in the early shade now
come again shining glance in your good time
naked air late morning
my love is for lightness
of touch foot feather
the day is yet one more yellow leaf
and without turning I kiss the light
by an old well on the last of the month
gathering wild rose hips
in the sun.


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