Inspiring Enchantment & Illumination with Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

Illumination: To Will

“The underground river of creation curves on beneath the surface of life, its inspiring waters ever available to refresh and bring sparkle to daily life.” Caitlín Matthews

If you could make a wish and manifest your juiciest dreams, what might that look like? Visit here for creative inspiration and powerful ongoing support as you give birth to the holy masterwork that is your life.

When we can see what is in front of us (Illumination), To Will is how we get fired up, build a head of steam, and tap into our creative source. Unsurprisingly, To Will is associated with the element of Fire. So its focus is passion, excitement stirred by our yearnings, and our willingness to initiate transformation.

In this section, I encourage you to become more clearly aware of the life-pulse of sacred desire within you, as well as the creation that longs to be manifest through you.

Here you will find my Tarot Card of the Week essays. I have been pulling and sharing a card with my visitors every Monday since 2003.

This section will also direct you to some of my herbal lore that is specific to the Tarot, as well as one of my favorite services for I offer for making wishes — my Birthday Club.Make a wish on the candle of desire



Yet Another Major Arcana Tarot Card of the Week, July 24-30, 2017: The Hanged Man

If delays and frustrations threaten to spark a complete meltdown, we are given a powerful choice. This week, step between the worlds, and breathe.

Tarot Card of the Week, July 19-23, 2017: The Fool

This week, no more waiting, planning, wishing, dithering, second thoughts, and self-doubts. You are given the “get out of jail free” Tarot card. Jump!

Tarot Card of the Week, July 10-16, 2017: Strength

This week, we're invited to face fear with grace and courage. And while we're at it, to help heal the obsolete 'survival of the fittest' narrative.

Tarot Card of the U.S. Independence Day and Full Moon Week, July 3-9, 2017: Ten of Pentacles

Our rare and mysterious Tarot card of the week shows that the most magical riches of Life are right in front of us, but do we know how to discern them?

Tarot Card of the Week, June 26-July 2, 2017: Eight of Cups

This week, you may be at a crossroads, because something deeply emotional is missing. What magical doorway opens, through which you long to slip?

The Gatekeeper of New Moon and Solstice, June 19-25, 2017: The High Priestess

For the New Moon and Solstice this week, our card offers an invitation for you to discover your own hidden, inexplicable, non-verbal ways of Knowing.

Tarot Card of the Week, June 12-18, 2017: Death

This week, we face the most recognized, misunderstood card of the Tarot. It is time to choose what we want to see flourish and what is life-draining.

Tarot Card of the Full Sagittarius Moon Week, June 5-11, 2017: Six of Pentacles

This week, we reflect on the role we play when we offer charity, as well as needing help. Who is the kind benefactor and who is the humble supplicant?

Queen of Wands

Tarot Card of the Week, May 29-June 4, 2017: The Queen of Wands Returns

This week, look for a powerful upsurge in your vitality and your passions. What creative task is calling? What transformation awaits your guiding hand?

Tarot Card of the Gemini New Moon Week, May 22-28, 2017: Six of Cups

Is this week's card the sweet Hallmark greeting card of the Tarot? Or is it fraught with mystery, odd perspective, and more questions than answers?