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Illumination: To Dare

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” John A. Shedd

Dare to sail through the gates of your comfort zone, and into the transformative seas of life lived to its fullest. I have extraordinary tools to help you gauge the tides, navigate the challenges, and learn to steer by the stars of your own wisdom.

In the Hermetic Quaternary, “To Dare” is connected to the West, to water, and the Cups of the Tarot. Dare to feel your authentic feelings and open your heart to Mystery. This is where you take a leap of faith, and where you move with the flow of guidance, magic, and new understanding.

In these pages, you will find information about my Tarot readings, my workshops and classes, and the many ways I offer my services as a Priestess and guide.

Set sail for new horizons, but don’t be surprised if, to paraphrase T.S. Eliot, you arrive where you started, only to know the place for the first time.NC Wyeth Flying Sails

Womanless Wednesday, March 8, 2017

In solidarity. #InternationalWomensDay #DayWithoutAWoman

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Thanks to so many who've already shared this. I just had to pay it forward on my blog today. Because, because, because. Love.

Psychic and Healing Fair – Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship

For many years, it has been my privilege to offer my Tarot and intuitive services at the Spiritual Frontiers Annual Psychic and Healing Fair.  I'll be there once again this year, along with many more of our area’s top metaphysical practitioners who donate their time and talents to help raise money to support SFF's operating Continue reading…

Tarot Without Tears, Part 2

Learn to read the Tarot in two easy steps with central NC's most trusted, experienced Tarot reader and teacher.

Tarot Without Tears: Learn to Read the Tarot

Learn to read the Tarot in two easy steps with central NC's most trusted, experienced Tarot reader and teacher.

Blessings of the Leo Full Moon

Tell me, what is it you plan to do With your one wild and precious life? ~ The Summer Day by Mary Oliver When the Moon is full, it is in the zodiac sign opposite where the Sun is, so since the Sun is in Aquarius, tonight's Full Moon is in Leo. This Moon of Continue reading…

Celebrating a New Decade of the Solstice Advent Sun Wheel in 2015

It's hard to believe, but it's already almost time once more to join together every Sunday through Yule (or Christmas) for our annual Advent Sun Circle, (or Yule Prayer-Spell, if you prefer). If you have been a regular visitor here, you know that starting in late November, I invite all my visitors, regardless of their Continue reading…

Fate, the Future and Foretelling

A Few Tarot F.A.Q.s Please note that this was written in the months just following the 9/11 attacks. ~ Beth Like many people, you may sometimes have difficulty hearing the voice of your inner wisdom. The stresses inherent in our consumer-obsessed society make this understandable, but now the uncertainty of a difficult economy and the Continue reading…