Owl WelcomeWe are changing the paradigm, even while it changes us.

We all showed up at this extraordinary time, with each of our incredibly unlikely backgrounds, to, against all odds, find each other, join together, and transform our personal and human history ..  one family, one job, one dream at a time.

But it’s not always easy.  So who can you reach out to with confidence, especially if you are usually the strong one for others?  How can you grow your “wings” and still be thoroughly supported in the real world?

As it happens, wings are a specialty of mine.

Since 1972, I’ve studied and interpreted the language of the Tarot, a fantastically powerful tool that can guide you easily and directly to your own truth. As a gifted intuitive, I can see the possibilities before you.

But even better, I will help you see them, too — in new, extraordinary ways.

I’ll show you how to tune in to your own power, to navigate the changes and challenges before you with grace, serenity, and confidence.  You will discover how to skillfully, joyfully find your way to the more creative, vibrant, compassionate life that has been calling to you. And that the world needs you to be.

I offer you practical wisdom for your extraordinary living.
Here’s how.


Beth Owl’s Daughter is one of my favorite Tarot readers.
She has an uncanny ability to cut straight through to the heart of the matter at hand. Because of her life wisdom and intuitive gifts, her readings are often transformative  for her clients. I know I can always trust her readings to give me insight, clarity and direction.
— Joanna Powell Colbert, creator of
The Gaian Tarot

As I see it, one of your greatest gifts as an intuitive is your obvious desire for clients to be empowered to use and trust their inner guidance in crafting a life…this is a very high use of your skills, and one I hold in esteem in my work with others.
– Sharri Gaines, Journey to Health Integrative Reflexology, Yoga and Reiki, Raleigh, NC.

I am the owl, and I bring you the wake-up call in the night. I am your ally when it is dark, and I will show you how to soar on silent, powerful wings to reach your goals, and how to sing in harmony with Mystery. I will help you see despite the shadows, and I can teach you to understand the complex patterns of your past and present, so that you can predict your own future by creating it.